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Thursday, May 6, 2010

KIWI: "I don't care attitude!!!"

It is so common for me to see fans and crowd go wild and crazy whenever they see popular and high profile personalities like artists. In fact, i am one of them when i was still in my homeland (Philippines). Even in the USA as what i usually see on TV, paparazzis and fans manifest their fanaticism towards their favorite and high profile artist, But when i came here in New Zealand, it is totally a different story. 
"Naninibago ako" because people here are not really fanatics, they may be a fan but they don't go wild or go crazy over their idols. Just like in one occassion, while i was in the Auckland airport where i was working in one of the foodshops there, it happens that Chris Brown and Rihanna pass by my shop but people there stayed calm, don't even mind their presence, and treated them as ordinary people. Considering this two personalities are so hot in the U.S. i can really see the difference between the Kiwi (New Zealand people) compared to Philippines, US and even other first world countries'  way of treating their superstars and the level of fanaticism towards high profile personalities throughout the world. 
"Dahil nasanay na ako sa kultura dito, kaya minsan natatawa nalang ako sa sarili ko" looking back when i was still in the Philippines and the way i go crazy over my favorite local Filipino artists. How come these Kiwi people stay tame and calm??? are these guys really don't have emotions, don't care about this pop people or are they just well breed??? 

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  1. This is an informative blog site. The words are very true about idol fanaticism in the US. I attended a major concert once, and people started "screaming" just from the mention of the performer's name (before he came onto the stage).

    From my observance, the screams just seemed to "reverberate" from the mere fact that others were screaming. It was like a contest to determine who could scream the loudest! It is my personal opinion that these people don't "get out into the world" much and experience positive events.

    Jonahs Sister